Fast, affordable, biological decontamination services. Whole space disinfection of homes, offices, clinics, gyms warehouses, daycare ETC.

Office cleaning

                                                 We specialize in the commercial industry. We will ensure that your working enviroment is clean and pleasant for you and your visitors.

House Cleaning


We take pride with our great experience in the residential area. Life is much easier when your home is clean. Let us help you maintain a clean, clutter-free and pleasant home to be in.

Move In/Out Cleaning


If you're moving in, we understand the importance of having a neat and clean place to start off.

If you are moving out and are planning to sell your property, we can help you declutter and clean it to make it look presentable and eye- catching to potential buyers.

After Party Cleaning


If you need help after a party. Give us a call, we can help you get your place back in order.

Deep Spring Cleaning


Need some help with deep Spring Cleaning?  Let us know, we are here to help!

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

We will wash and fold your clothing


Inside Cabinets

Having a hard time keeping up with the clutter and dust build up in  your cabinets?  We will help you clean up and wipe down your inside cabinets if you need it, leaving it nice and clean.


Inside Fridge

Juggling a busy life-style ? It's hard not to be busy in  New York. Need help keeping up with your fridge? No worries we are here to help.

Inside Oven

We'll clean your inside oven( non-green products used for this matter)


Interior Walls

We'll clean any durt, marks or finger prints


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